Understanding the future: What switched on, diverse talent want and what they bring

Akshay Parmer

Please tell us about yourself and some of the key influences and experiences that shaped you, your thinking and your life to date?

From 14 through to 18 my drive came from wanting to do well for my parents. My dad was a security guard and my mum was a teaching assistant. We weren’t a wealthy family, my parents worked very hard to give us a better life.

Tell us your academic journey to date?

Kingsford GCSE, London Academy for A-Levels, Kings College for BSc, I am now at UCL studying data science and machine learning — joint MSc.

Which programmes did you do with Arrival Education? And which companies have you worked with as a result?

Being on AE’s Success for Life 4-year development programme meant I engaged with Coutts, Skanska, GSK, Artemis, Investec, TD Securities and RBC. Over the years, I have been mentored and guided by some incredible people; including the likes of — David Throssell, Skanska; Matt Littlejohn, GSK; Charlie Hall, Coutts; Alex Davies, RBC; and Darryl Copsey, TD Securities. I am indebted to them all and to AE for brokering those relationships.

What value did Arrival Education bring you?

I got to connect with industry leaders and top businesses. I got to question things and learn more.

When it comes to the Diversity Dividend — Why do businesses need to change right now and how do they need to change?

Businesses need to change by attracting different sorts of talent. By changing your people, particularly your leaders, you can change the business.



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